How to keep Healthy Bean cakes and all goodies?

You need to transfer your treats as soon you have received them in an airtight container  or airtight plastic bags (ziplocks) and refrigerate them in the chiller or freezer - if you want to prolong your treats shelf life.
These treats are very sensitive to air exposure and can dry very quickly.
Our food products that are made with raw and preservative free or with fruits ingredients) can go bad faster when left unsealed and uncovered even while they are in the refrigerator. 
Provided informations is the safest suggested shelf life if you make sure to keep your treats in airtight containers and follow these stated storage and consumption instructions.
Cakes Shelf Life in Refrigerator:
*Cakes(w/) fresh fruits ingredients- Can last up to 4 days
*Cakes (w/out) fresh fruits ingredients- Can last up to 7 days
Cakes Shelf Life in Freezer:
*Cakes (w/) fresh fruits ingredients - Can last up to 7-15 days
*Cakes(w/out) fresh fruits ingredients - Can last up to 30 days
How to thaw and enjoy frozen cakes:
- You can thaw the sealed cakes by leaving for 30mins in room temperature or leave in chiller overnight before consuming your healthy cake.
Shelf Life - Refrigerated/ Chilled while in airtight plastic, container:
Muffins - 7 days
Cupcakes - 7 days
Donuts - 7 days
Breads - 7 days
Sealed Chocolate Bars, Barks and Protein Balls and Protein Cups - 15 days
Shelf Life - Sealed/Frozen Breads-like treats while in airtight container:
Breads - 30 days
Muffins - 30 days
Cupcakes - 30 days
Donuts - 30 days
Sealed Chocolate Bars, Barks and Protein Balls and Protein Cups - 30 days
How to enjoy your frozen chocolate coated treats?
- You can thaw the sealed chocolate treats (Like; Vegan Snickers Bars, Pea protein Balls)  by leaving in normal temperature for 30 mins enjoying your healthy chocolate.
How to thaw and consume your baked goodies?
Frozen/Sealed Treats:
Leave your sealed frozen goodies (specially for bigger size like - Mini Size breads) in the kitchen counter to let it nicely defrost for
2-3 hours (while it’s still in it's sealed plastic in room temperature.
The smaller the packaged treat, the faster is will soften - can be left for 30mins in room temperature.
This is for treats Like;
(1 Piece - Slice Bread, Donut, Cupcake or Muffin)
Heating Time:
- Best to heat once treats are thawed for balanced food warming and fresh taste experience.
- Medium to high heat, depending on your oven/microwave heat strength.
  • Whole (Mini Size) Breads - 120 secs (2 mins)
  • 1 Decent/Medium (1" Thick) Slice Breads - 20-30 secs
  • Muffins - 20-30 secs 
  • Cupcakes without Frosting - 20-30 secs
  • Donuts- 20-30 secs
  • Thawed, reheated or divided in small quantity treats  are meant for one meal consumption.
  • Constant re-heating is not advisable.
  • Leftover treats in room temperature or left unattended will no longer taste as fresh or the same.
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