Buffet like party tray size cakes prepared in per 3200ml tray with lid containers.
Each square slice is a fully loaded meal dessert. 
-Bigger serving than our triangular diet size cake slices.

Serving Sizes:
1 Square Slice = 1 Thick Good Size  Square Slice. Full dessert meal for 1 person consumption.
1 Tray = Good for 12 person (1 piece each) 
- Each regular square can be divided to 48 mini size squares for
48 - Buffet-like Mini Squares for more servings for a party event/ ocassions.


 1 Tray:
- 3200ml Tray with lid container.
- Cling wrapped and transported along with techni ice pack around the tray packaging.

1 Square Slice: (Ready to eat)
-Kraft Cake Box Container with grease paper.

Only Available flavors in store for instant pick up, store walk-ins or dine -in:
( Sold per 1 Square Slice ):
-Vegan Snickers Cake
-Drunken Triple Dark Protein Cake
-Walnut Coffee Chocolate Cake 
-Pecan Lemon Carrot Cake