Coco Mango Cheesecake (Sugar-Free, Sweetened w/ Dates & Ripe Mangoes)

Coco Mango Cheesecake (Sugar-Free, Sweetened w/ Dates & Ripe Mangoes)

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Who needs a real vacation soon but neglects to plan that vacation?!

 Well, you can just sit on the couch in your bathing suit looking at pictures of the beach and you know what? It’s fine because you will get to indulge in this super yummy Coco Mango Cheesecake! This indulging treat is basically a tropical vacation on a plate.

This vegan cheesecake made with cashew nuts are simple the perfect summer treat but anytime can be a summertime, right?

You could eat vegan cheesecakes and would feel pretty happy with life in an instant!

 Creamy, smooth with slight tartness and the delicious sweet, tangy mango flavor plus the coconut cake powder layer sandwiching  topped with our very own home-made dairy-free cheesecake like  buttercream frosting—this mango coconut cake is a paradise of tropical flavours!


  • 100% Plant-based (Vegan) - (No any kind of dairy such as eggs, butter or milk from animals)
  • Vegetarian friendly
  • Gluten-Free (Made with almond flour)
  • Soy-Free (We use almond milk)
  • No added any kind of sugar. Sweetened with dates fruit.
  • Made with healthier alternative ingredients
  • Zero cholesterol



Cashew nuts, ripe mangoes, coconut milk, coconut flour, grated coconut meat dates, almond milk, coconut oil, lemon juice, coconut milk, vegan sunflower butter, vanilla extract and salt.

Servings per container: Approximately 3 Diet Servings / Equivalent to 3 slices.
Nutrition Facts Per 1 Serving:
Calories 298
Carbs 19.88g
Protein 6.56g
Fat  21.40g
Sugar 5.67g
Sodium  151mg