8 Pieces Assorted - Pea Protein Balls - (Available until 3PM)

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 Four flavours plant-based pea protein balls  individually sealed in every pack.


These beautifully packed, easy access treats are sealed as soon as they have cooled down for proper storage and freezing. 

How to consume/enjoy our Sealed  Frozen Pack Goodies:

Frozen Chocolates/chocolate coated treats:

  • You can thaw or leave in chiller overnight while it’s still in airtight plastic bag before consuming. 

Your healthy yummy treat is ready for you to enjoy!

Warning: Our healthy sweets are addicting but worry not because these are guilt-free! :)



-Finish eating thawed, reheated or opened small quantity treats because they are meant for one eating consumption.

-Opened treats will no longer taste fresh  or  the same once they are leftover and has been exposed to air and heat.