6 Pieces Cupcakes - Freshly Sealed in Dome Container for freezing

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These beautifully packed, easy access treats are sealed as soon as they have cooled down for proper storage and freezing.


Advantages of choosing our Frozen Healthy Snacks..

  • With these frozen sealed treats, you no longer have to worry on how to keep the food safe if you want to prolong their shelf life.
  • You will learn to save and eat only your desired amount when you only need enough to eat.
  • All your favourite Healthy Bean snacks collections are finally will be easy access for you in the fridge and it will only take just a small effort to enjoy them in an instant.
  • No more stress and long waiting for next possible chance to indulge. Easy access it is!
  • You never have to make excuses for junk foods again!


How to consume/enjoy our Frozen Sealed  Frozen Pack Goodies:

  • Frozen baked bread treats: 

    • You need to thaw your desired amount that you want to eat overnight in the chiller or soak in water for 1 hour (while it’s still in airtight plastic bag).
    • BAKE in 100 Celsius for 15mins in baking oven or microwave oven  for 30seconds.

Warning: Our healthy sweets are addicting but worry not because these are guilt-free! :)



* Finish eating thawed, reheated or opened small quantity treats because they are meant for one eating consumption.

* Opened treats will no longer taste fresh  or  the same once they are leftover and has been exposed to air or heat.