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BEST-SELLER! REFRESH : Happiness Box Chocolate Barks (Available in Sugar-Free)

BEST-SELLER! REFRESH : Happiness Box Chocolate Barks (Available in Sugar-Free)

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Who can resist to this very refreshing temptation?!?

Compared to really sugary candy treat, this tasty home made dark chocolate treat studded with different dried fruits’ bright color will give you that festive feeling anytime that you need to feel one.

Perfectly enjoyed when you need a bite of something sweet after a savoury meal if you want an impressively delicious, wonderfully rich with bit of tangy sweet flavor from unsweetened dried strawberries and apricots specially if you definitely need more of rich chocolatey fruity flavor.

This treat is really the perfect for an indulgent treat, or even for gift-giving because with this flavor should always feel like a holiday!

 Rather than reaching for just refined sugary treat, this treat can save you some guilt later!


Ingredients: Dark Chocolate: Cacao butter, cocoa powder, coconut sugar or monk fruit sugar substitute, dried: cranberries, strawberries, apricots, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, raisins.

Size: 250grams

Box contains 18-20 barks
Suggested Serving Size: 2-3 barks

Nutrition Facts :  1 Piece bark (Approximately) 
Coconut Sugar Sweetener (Sugar-free macros is just lower in sugar content)
Calories 72
Carbs 8.47g
Protein 1g
Sugar 4.48g
Fat 3.81g
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